Moore Haven Mosquito Control Board

By Terri Moorhouse

The Moore Haven Mosquito Control Board sponsored a second tire pick up on Saturday, October 22nd where residents of the Moore Haven Mosquito Control District were able to dispose of old worn-out tires free of charge. The first tire pickup was held on the 21st of May of this year and was relatively successful as 2.7 tons of old tires were collected and disposed of. However, many residents missed the opportunity to get rid of those old worn-out tires in May. Consequently, a second tire pickup was arranged and this too was very successful. 4.2 tons (8,400 Lbs.) of old warn-out tires were collected and disposed of. Tires left in vacant lots, in backyards and in other places collect rainwater where mosquitoes are most likely to breed. With the recent threat of Zika virus the Mosquito Control Board is trying to eliminate as many breeding spots as possible. Still, there are many more places around our homes where standing water might be found. These include blocked or poorly cleaned rain gutters, birdbaths, unused buckets, upside down garbage can lids, uncovered garbage cans and many more places. Places as small as a sewing thimble is all that’s needed for breeding mosquito larvae. We encourage our residents to seek out these places around their homes and eliminate them in order to help control the Zika virus and other mosquito borne diseases.